Rancho Temecula

About Rancho Temecula

Rancho Temecula is Riverside County, California. It was originally a Mexican land grant. At one time, it was a part of the county of San Diego.

Lifestyle Near Rancho Temecula

Living here can be quite satisfying. If you are a retiree or wish to settle down in a quiet place in the midst of beautiful natural surroundings you will love to live here. The kind of lifestyle here is not much different from what it is in other places of California with small communities. The small town charm of this California place if something that is loved by many and you will probably love it too.

People In Rancho Temecula

It is quite easy to make friends here and people living here are generally welcoming of guests and visitors from other states and countries. The indigenous people are not overly political or not known to have some queer habits, which make them easy to mix with. You can observe this during short term visits and if you like the people here, you can even think of settling down in this place without any concern whatsoever.

Amenities In Rancho Temecula, CA

The place boasts of all the modern amenities that can be expected from an established Californian community. Be it shopping malls, golf course, tennis courts, fishing areas, lakes, restaurants, eateries, bars, movie theatres or other amenities, you can get it all here.

Economics Of Rancho Temecula

The place has not seen a lot of economic activities in the last few years but there is no economic slowdown either. There has been decent growth in economy in recent times and it can be fairly easy to make a living here. However, in the last few years, there has been some attrition from this area. Some people have moved out in search of jobs, and this includes the younger population that wants to enjoy life in other parts of the US. During the 2000 census, the population was found to be 2,764. This came down to 1684, as was evidenced after the 2010 census figures were revealed.

Real Estate In Rancho Temecula

The real estate sector of this place is enjoying good growth for some time now. There have been quite a few construction projects including homes, offices and other residential and commercial projects in the last few years. There is not a death of housing options and you can easily find a residential property for your needs and your family’s needs. Property pricing is more or less affordable in this place.

Geocoordinates of Rancho Temecula

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