About Temecula

A city in southwestern Riverside County, California, Temecula is a resort destination and also draws many tourists round the year. It is regarded as a part of the Greater Los Angeles area, and is located nearer to downtown San Diego, around 58 miles north of the place. During the 2020 census, it was found to have a population of 110,003. In Riverside County, it is the 5th most populous city.

Economy In Temecula

Tourism forms a part of the economy of this place. It is known for many attractions, such as the Temecula Valley Wine Country, the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival, Temecula Valley International Film Festival and Old Town Temecula, to name a few. There are many festive events held here at different times of the year, which draw many tourists:

  • Taste of Temecula Valley
  • Temecula Greek Festival
  • Temecula Street Painting Festival
  • Temecula Valley International Jazz Festival
  • Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival
  • Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival
  • Temecula Bluegrass Festival

Its economic profile gets a boost from the resort accommodations and championship golf courses. Retail, finance, professional, leisure and education are some other sectors that also add to the economy of this city.

Climate In Temecula

A warm Mediterranean climate characterizes this place. The coldest month is December and the hottest month of the year is August. February witnesses maximum amount of precipitation. Rainfall mainly occurs in the November to March period. June is the driest period. Snowfall occurs only rarely and traces of snowfall can be experienced here only on occasion.

Lifestyle In Temecula

Golf and wine are two of the distinctive features of the lifestyle of the people of Temecula. You can go golfing here at any of the local golf courses, such as The Legends Golf Club at Temeku Hills, The Golf Club at Rancho California etc. You can taste wine at any of the 40 wineries of The Temecula Valley Wine Country. There is scope for wine tasting, hot air balloon rides and live entertainment at the annual Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival.

Transportation In Temecula

State Route 79 and Interstate 15 are two major highways that serve the Temecula area. Margarita Road, Meadows Parkway, Murrieta Hot Springs Road, Nicholas Road, Rancho California Road etc are some of the top thoroughfares in the city. Public transportation includes the Riverside Transit Agency bus system, which serves many of the routes in this place. The French Valley Airport, as well as the San Diego International Airport and the Ontario International Airport, serves Temecula.

About Rancho Temecula

Rancho Temecula is Riverside County, California. It was originally a Mexican land grant. At one time, it was a part of the county of San Diego.

About Santa Margarita River

Santa Margarita River is among the last free-flowing rivers, on the Pacific coast of southern California. It was known as Temecula River before. This is an intermittent, short river and drains an arid area at the Santa Ana Mountain’s southern end. A community has grown on two sides of the river, and the sight can be a treat for the senses.

About Temecula Creek

Temecula Creek runs through the southern Riverside County, California, United States for as long as 32.6 miles. It was earlier referred to as Temecula River. Bounded by the Cleveland National Forest and the Agua Tibia Wilderness area, this is a biologically diverse area. It has desert as well as coastal flora and fauna. There is coast live oak woodland, alluvial fan scrub, Jojoba and much more.

About Temecula Valley

The Temecula Valley is situated in southwestern Riverside County, California. With a semi-arid and Mediterranean climate, this is an inviting place. During the weekends, the place looks more inviting and many tourists come in here to join into the fun events and festivities. Public wine tasting is one of the fun activities that you should not miss here.

Geocoordinates of Temecula

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