Santa Margarita River

About Santa Margarita River

Santa Margarita River is among the last free-flowing rivers, on the Pacific coast of southern California. It was known as Temecula River before. This is an intermittent, short river and drains an arid area at the Santa Ana Mountain’s southern end. A community has grown on two sides of the river, and the sight can be a treat for the senses.

Lifestyle In Santa Margarita

The place has an easy lifestyle and when you drop in here you will experience it almost immediately. There is a quiet old world charm in this place despite all the modernity which makes it so nice. The beautiful surroundings and natural scenery are treats for the eyes and can immediately calm your senses down. You can take a walk around the neighborhoods and have fun soaking in the sights and sounds during the early morning hours. It is a good idea to go on a boat ride and view how civilization has grown up on both sides of the river.

You can join into group activities also, if you like. You can find many species of birds and animals here as well as quite a few types of trees and plants that are rare, and can hardly be seen anywhere else in the United States.

People Of Santa Margarita

The friendly ambiance of the region is courtesy the people living here. They know how to enjoy life and have fun, and like to include others into the entertainment too. Barring some communities, most people are friendly and welcoming of visitors from other places.

Amenities In Santa Margarita, CA

The amenities are kind of similar to what you can find in many small communities and towns of California. It is not difficult to live here with various types of utilities available. You can spend your leisure time in local tennis courts, sports clubs, social clubs, bars, restaurants etc. There are enough public transportation facilities to facilitate easy movement around here.

Economics In Santa Margarita

When it comes to economic activities, this place is not left behind. The median income of the people living here is decent. The per capita income is okay and making a living here is fairly easy. Fishing is one of the important activities here, and the Rainbow Trout is one of the main fishes available in this river.

Real Estate Near Santa Margarita

In the recent years, there has been a boom in the real estate sector with quite of residential and commercial projects taking shape in the nearby Temecula area. There are excellent housing options, apartments, bungalows, single homes, attached homes and many more to pick from.

Geocoordinates of Santa Margarita

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