Temecula Valley

About Temecula Valley

The Temecula Valley is situated in southwestern Riverside County, California. With a semi-arid and Mediterranean climate, this is an inviting place. During the weekends, the place looks more inviting and many tourists come in here to join into the fun events and festivities. Public wine tasting is one of the fun activities that you should not miss here.

Lifestyle In Temecula Valley

The charming lifestyle of the place draws people from across California and from other states also. The pace of lifestyle is not hectic and there is a kind of easy languor that can be quite infectious. People who come in here for a trip – whether for business or vacation, have nice things to say about the pace of lifestyle.

People In Temecula Valley, CA

This is a place where people generally friendly and charming. They like to mix with new people at focus on staying happy. They have a positive attitude and the mind set in general is to have fun and let others join in the fun. This is a huge tourist destination with more than 40 wineries, hot air balloon rides, sunset barbecues, vineyard tours, resort accommodations, live music performances in the summer, wedding destination sites and more. The Harvest Wine Celebration and the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival are some of the biggest events that are held in this place.

Amenities Of Temecula Valley

The amenities in this place are not quite different from what can be found in various other parts of California. Whether it comes to restaurants or bars or tennis courts or golf course or shopping malls; everything is present here. There is utmost convenience for tourists as well as for residents here.

Economics Near Temecula Valley

While there has not been huge economic growth, the place has been enjoying more or less steady growth of economy over the last few years. Crime rate is on the lower side here and there are no major crimes are fraudulent activities. That being said, if you are a tourist you should not drop your guard while here for vacation or business purposes. Tourism is the main contributor to the economy of this place.

Real Estate In Temecula Valley

Different types of properties are available here for the convenience of buyers. You can find single accommodation at least accommodation and more. There are apartments, bungalows, villas, lakeside properties and more to choose from. If you want to live and settle here, you can easily find a housing option matching your budget and specific requirements.

Geocoordinates of Temecula Valley

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